Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Management, University of Zanjan, Zanjan, Iran.


The main purpose of this paper is to identify the traditional, green and effective resilience criteria in the performance of green and resilient suppliers and their ranking with path analysis, SWARA and TOPSIS combined approach in Fanavaran Petrochemical Company. The research method is applied in terms of goal and descriptive-survey in terms of data collection. By a comprehensive review of the literature, first a set of key performance criteria and sub-criteria (traditional, green, and resilience) were extracted. Then, using the path analysis approach, the effectiveness of these criteria was evaluated in Fanavaran Petrochemical Company. The statistical population included 55 experts of the mentioned company, which due to the limited size of the population, all members were considered as the research sample. The path analysis result showed that all identified criteria affect the company’s supplier’s performance. Then, using new SWARA decision-making technique and also the opinions of 30 experts, the criteria and sub-criteria were evaluated and their weight (importance) was extracted. In the final evaluation of the main criteria, the criterion of “resilience” was in the first rank, the criterion of “green” in the second rank and the criterion of “traditional” in the last rank. Subsequently, due to the sensitivity of the ranking of green and resilient suppliers in the company, using the TOPSIS decision-making technique and based on the extractive weight of the criteria, seven suppliers of the company were evaluated by the experts and the final ranking of the suppliers in terms of performance was determined. Thus, the proposed approach of this research provides a valuable conceptual framework for company’ managers to improve the situation of the suppliers in terms of the environmental issues and resilience. Also, the development and improvement of traditional criteria and selection of suppliers of the company based on green standards and resilience were the main goals of this research.


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