Document Type : SI: AMCDMMI


Department of Industrial Management, Faculty of Management, Tabriz Branch, Islamic Azad University, East Azerbaijan, Iran.


The business process turbulence and the increasing competition among business firms have made the environment around organizations much different than before. Knowing the future business paths and moving in their direction in a way that benefits the organization indicates the necessity of marketing research and concepts such as market-centric. This study aims to evaluate the impact of market-centric on organizational performance by emphasizing the mediating role of organizational innovation in the value chain and provide a model for it. This research is a descriptive-survey study. Confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) technique has been used to evaluate the significance of regression weight (factor loading) of different constructs of the questionnaire in predicting the relevant items. LISREL statistical analysis software has been used to test the research hypotheses and analysis of structural equations. The statistical population of the study is all managers and employees working in the value chain of poultry industry in Kurdistan province, which 205 samples have been selected based on Cochran's formula. The results of data analysis indicate that the relationship between customer-centric and inter-task coordination with organizational innovation as well as the relationship between pivotal competition and organizational innovation with the financial performance of the organization was confirmed. There is no significant relationship between pivotal competition and organizational innovation, as well as between customer-centric and inter-task coordination with financial performance of the organization. Finally, some suggestions have been made to improve the performance of the poultry industry.


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