Document Type : Research Paper


1 Zanjan university

2 Amirkabir university

3 Qom university

4 PNU Tehran

5 Tehran university


The sentiment analysis is a subtask of text classification that is known as a domain dependent problem. In order to obtain an accurate classifier for a particular domain, a large labelled dataset is needed. To tackle the challenge of data scarcity in some domains, in the area of multi-domain problems, the classifier is trained on a set of labelled data from some domains and then it is applied to the target domains. In addition, another important issue in classification-based approaches in order to reach the better performance is that the nature of train and test data should be similar. So, a model trained by data from a specific domain, leads to poor results when it comes to another domains. This paper proposes three Weighted(deep)Neural Networks Ensemble approaches for multi-domain sentiment classification to address the mentioned issues, by training individual deep learning models (including CNN, LSTM and Bi-GRUCapsule) on specific domains. Using a weighted score of DBD and the initial polarity of the sample test data on each domain, a new aggregated score of final polarity is obtained. The DRANZIERA protocol is used for evaluation of the proposed models. The results have shown more than 0.03 improvements in average accuracy in comparison to the other state-of-the-art approaches.


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