Document Type : Research Paper


1 Assistant Professor of Information Technology and Operations Management at the Kharazmi ‎University in Iran

2 Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

3 Department of Industrial Engineering - Ershad University Of Damavand – Tehran – Iran


Although the importance of supply chain agility considering the necessity of speed of ‎action, response to customers, progressive changes in the market, consumers’ needs, etc. in ‎many industries is clear both scientifically and experimentally, today organizations have ‎found that the benefit from this cooperation is greater than cases performed without ‎collaboration with relevant organizations. Meanwhile, supply chain management refers to ‎integration of all processes and activities in the supply chain through improving the relations ‎and implementing the organizational processes in order to achieve competitive advantages. ‎On the other hand, uncertainty in the supply chain results in non-optimality of decisions ‎that are made with assumption of certainty. Accordingly, the main aim of this research is to ‎provide a model for supply chain in an agile and flexible state based on uncertainty ‎variables. The method of research has been based on a mathematical model, whose stages ‎of implementation are investigated by breaking down this model step-by-step. For this ‎purpose, in the first stage and after getting familiar with the intended modeling industry, ‎solution and simulation were done. Eventually the results were compared indicating that ‎through reducing the risk-taking (increasing the protection levels), the objective function ‎which was of minimization type worsened. This study also showed that model ‎robustification is very important in order to reduce the risk of decision-making.‎


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