The Periodic Capacitated Arc Routing Problem with Mobile Disposal Sites Specified for Waste Collection

Payam Khosravi; Mehdi Alinaghian; Seyed Mojtaba Sajadi; Erfan Babaee Tirkolaee

Volume 2, Issue 1 , March 2015, , Pages 64-76

  Waste collection is a highly visible municipal service that involves large expenditures and difficult operational problems. In addition, it is expensive to operate in terms of investment costs (i.e. vehicles fleet), operational costs (i.e. fuel and maintenances) so that generating small improvements ...  Read More

Mathematical Model for Optimization of University Courses timetabling applying the criteria of quality of instruction

Hadi Shirouyehzad; Seyyedeh Athar Mousavirad; Seyed Mojtaba Sajadi

Volume 1, Issue 4 , October 2014, , Pages 259-270

  Timetabling is one of the most difficult issues in the world; this is a combinatory optimization issue and it has been proven that it is a NP-Hard issue.University Courses Timetabling is very important especially for the exams and courses. The manual solving of the Timetabling needs a broad domain of ...  Read More

Investigationof Project Communication Managementin Project-BasedOrganizations using the PMBOK Guideline

Fatemeh Jaferi; Seyed Mojtaba Sajadi; Mehdi Alinaghian; Moslem Beyranvand

Volume 1, Issue 3 , September 2014, , Pages 130-135

  Efficient use of limited resources is among the objectives of efficient management and employing modern techniques of management is very effective in this field. Communications management is quite important in project-oriented organizations. PMBOK guideline is a good guideline to create efficient and ...  Read More

Investigation of Project Risk Management in Project-Based Organizations Using the PMBOK Guideline Case Study: National Gas Company of Lorestan province

Fatemeh Jaferi; Seyed Mojtaba Sajadi; Mehdi Alinaghian; Moslem Beyranvand

Volume 1, Issue 2 , June 2014, , Pages 50-58

  Project management approach is one of the crucial aspects of enhancing the operational efficiency of project-based organizations that makes optimum resources use possible. Risks management significantly affects operational effectiveness and performance efficiency in competitive organizations. These calls ...  Read More