Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty
Analysis of factors affecting brand strengthening drivers in e-commerce: a study of the Iranian tourism industry

Reza Yazdani; Mohammad Javad Taghipourian; Mohammad Mahdi Pourpasha; Seyed Shamseddin Hosseini

Volume 9, Issue 4 , October 2022, , Pages 374-383

  In the last decade, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) was used as the most effective tool to help businesses gain a competitive advantage by attracting customers. Thus, ICT has significantly contributed to the growth of e-commerce. Internet access allows e-commerce to spread globally and ...  Read More

Management and Entrepreneurship
Usage the lazy learning meta-heuristic technique for predicting entrepreneurial marketing in the insurance industry

Mohammad Javad Taghipourian; Elham Fazeli Veisari; Syed Mahmod Norashrafodin; Mohammad Verij Kazemi

Volume 8, Special Issue , November 2021, , Pages 1-13

  Due to the increasing importance of marketing, entrepreneurship and the role of organizational structure in their application, the purpose of this research is to predict entrepreneurial marketing using an organizational structure in the insurance industry. For this purpose, for marketing, seven indicators ...  Read More