Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Mechanical Engineering, Higher Institute of Technological Studies of Sfax, ISET de Sfax, Tunisia.


The evolution of the means aimed at improving the availability of strategic equipment requires a credible level of maintenance with the development of original monitoring techniques such as vibration diagnostics. The vibration monitoring of strategic equipment through a vibration diagnosis requires mainly the identification of vibrational images of the different types of damage. However, one of the important vibration problems is essentially due to the phenomenon of imbalance. This phenomenon corresponds to an imbalance of the rotor due to the offset between the axis of inertia and the axis of rotation, which causes significant and cyclical vibrations. The aim of this study is to analyze the vibratory behavior of a screw compressor to improve its reliability and consequently its availability. To identify the imbalance fault, two sets of vibration measurements on April and January were fundamentally examined at the compressor level. Fourier transform based on spectral analysis was used to create a vibration detection approach with vibration signals. The comparison of the results obtained with that of the simulation resulting from the model of dynamic behavior of the compressor is conclusive.


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