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1 Department of Applied Mathematics (FSEG), University des Sciences Sociales et de Gestion de Bamako (USSGB), Quartier du Fleuve Rue 310, Porte 238, Mali.

2 Department of Applied Mathematics (FSEG), Université des Sciences Sociales et de Gestion de Bamako (USSGB), Quartier du Fleuve Rue 310, Porte 238, Mali.


The aim of this paper is to introduce a formulation of fully fuzzy transportation problems involving pentagonal and hexagonal fuzzy numbers for the transportation costs and values of supplies and demands.  We introduce new technique for improve methods for solving the fully fuzzy transportation problems with parameters given as the pentagonal and hexagonal fuzzy numbers. Algorithms are proposed to find the non-negative fuzzy optimal solution of fully fuzzy transportation problems with parameters given as pentagonal and hexagonal fuzzy numbers. This technique is also best optimal solution in the literature and illustrated with numerical examples.


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