Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of Applied Mathematics, Faculty of Mathematical Sciences, Lahijan Branch, Islamic Azad University, Lahijan, Iran.

2 Department of Applied Mathematics, Fouman and Shaft Branch, Islamic Azad University, Fouman, Iran.


In this paper, we proposed a numerical approach to solve a distributed order time fractional COVID 19 virus model. The fractional derivatives are shown in the Caputo-Prabhakar contains generalized Mittag-Leffler Kernel. The coronavirus 19 disease model has 8 Inger diets leading to system of 8 nonlinear ordinary differential equations in this sense, we used the midpoint quadrature method and finite different scheme for solving this problem, our approximation method reduce the distributed order time fractional COVID 19 virus equations to a system of algebraic equations. Finally, to confirm the efficiency and accuracy of this method, we presented some numerical experiments for several values of distributed order. Also, all parameters introduced in the given model are positive parameters.


Main Subjects

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