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Department of Industrial Management, Firoozkooh Branch, Islamic Azad University, Firoozkooh, Iran


One of the methods that has been widely used by researchers in analyzing the risk of net operations is the analysis of the effect and failure modes in order to identify critical failure modes and focus planning and net resources on them. In analyzing the effect and failure modes, one of the most important steps is the process of prioritizing the equipment in order to determine the critical equipment, as well as determining the critical failure modes and prioritizing them in order to purposefully plan the net operation. The purpose of this paper is to dynamically rank equipment in intuitive fuzzy environments with interval values in order to identify and prioritize critical equipment and to present a mathematical model for combining optimization of preventive maintenance intervals and control parameters. For this purpose, a model is presented that calculates the dynamic weights of each equipment according to the conditions of each equipment in the indicators of failure probability, failure consequence and lack of fault detection power, and therefore dynamic ranking is provided for the equipment. In this research, for dynamic prioritization of equipment, the method of analysis of the ratio of intuitive fuzzy gradual weighting with quantitative values (IVIF-SWARA) was presented. Then, a mathematical model was presented for the identified critical equipment. The proposed model can determine the optimal value of each of the four decision variables, ie sample size, inspection rotation time, control limit coefficient and preventive repair intervals of each of the critical equipment of the Northern Oil Pipeline and Telecommunication Company and the total expected cost of integration per unit. Minimize time. The results show that the proposed model is much more flexible in calculating the weight and dynamic rating of equipment and provides more logical rating results.


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