Document Type : Research Paper


Planning, Human capital development and Council Affairs department, Tehran municipality, Tehran, Iran


This paper addresses the problem of constructing a performance assessment model. The developed model is constructed based on strategic management, intelligence systems, and expert ideas, and then it is implemented in Tehran municipality to show acceptable results for mayors. The proposed model consists of 10 steps, including team construction, vision consideration, process identification, indicator selection, weight calculation, data collection, data Extract-Transform-Load, data warehouse, analysis and reporting, feedback, and improvement processes. Analytical Hierarchy Process and Technique for Order of Preference by Similarity to Ideal Solution are used for weight calculations and ranking the city's distinct. In addition, we use the Simple Weighted Mean method in four different data normalization ways and standardize the data to compare the results and use a criterion to select the robust answer. Moreover, we compare our model with the European Foundation for Quality Management model and Balance Scorecard. The proposed model is conducted at offices of plan monitoring, project control, and performance evaluation in planning, human capital development, and council affairs department at Tehran municipality.


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