Document Type : Research Paper


Faculty of Industrial Technology, Master Program of Industrial Engineering, Mercu Buana University, Jakarta, Indonesia.


Some company strategies in managing business that can be implemented are Supply Chain Management (SCM). SCM works to ensure the availability of the material obtained from the supplier. With the increasingly advanced information technology in line with the progress in hardware and software technologies, the computing methods are also growing. One of the most important computing methods in its development is the Decision Support System (DSS). Every company is required to move quickly in decision-making or action, similarly, in the selection of suppliers. With reference to the Hierarchy Analytical Process (AHP) method, this research aims to make decisions in the selection of suppliers objectively based on the various criteria set. This is made so that the goods supply process can be run according to the needs of the company as one of the utilization and availability of Tugboat.


Main Subjects

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