Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Mercu Buana, Jakarta, Indonesia.

2 Faculty of Economic Social Science, Bakrie University, Indonesia.


As one manufacturing industry which has engaged in the textile industry and produced zippers, the painting process at zipped production has a number of problems, as on zipper sticks to each other, uneven paint, etc. In this discussion, the improvements that will be made are related to the painting process.  Quality Control Circle (QCC) method is applied to reflect the support of the continuous improvement program in the company. The painting process is the finishing process of a zipper that serves as a coating to be resistant to corrosion and enhance the zipper appearance. The results of the study, it is found the main problem in the zipper painting process, which are Abbeku or sticking. This is due to the factors, such as machinery, methods, and materials. Of the three factors, there is one of the biggest problem factors, namely the position of non-standard spray gun. The focus of the improvement that will be made is the modification of the spraygun holder so that the fix position does not change. The results after an improvement in the modification of the spray gun holder are Abbeku (sticking) loss on the painting production which is originally 23 lots. As a conclusion, it eliminates the biggest loss factor in the painting process, replaced the position of the spraygun that is not fixed.


Main Subjects

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