Research Paper Performance evaluation and benchmarking
A Model for performance evaluation of digital game industry using integrated AHP and BSC

Nima Moradi; Hossein Malekmohammad; Saeed Jamalzadeh

Volume 5, Issue 2 , September 2018, Pages 97-109

  Nowadays, due to continuous changes in the environment of organizations, the performance evaluation of productive or non-productive companies is not as simple as the past. In spite of the high sale and income of existing companies in the game industry, there are always unsuccessful game products and ...  Read More

Research Paper Fuzzy optimization
On solutions of fuzzy multi-objective programming problems through weighted coefficients in two-Phase approach

Hamiden Abdelwahed Khalifa

Volume 5, Issue 2 , September 2018, Pages 110-121

  In this paper, a Fuzzy Multi-Objective Linear Programming (FMOLP) problem having both objective functions and constraints fuzzy parameters is introduced. Theses fuzzy parameters are characterized by trapezoidal fuzzy numbers. The FMOLP problem is converted into the corresponding deterministic MOLP problem ...  Read More

Review Paper Facility location, layout, design, and materials handling
Implementation of 5S principles in Genset’s house palm plantation

Syufrianto Asmit; Hernadewita Hernadewita; Ahmad Ismail

Volume 5, Issue 2 , September 2018, Pages 122-130

  Genset or generator set is one of the sources of electricity used in oil palm plantations; genset are placed in a special building that is a Genset’s house. Some of the problems encountered in the Genset’s house are oil spills, fuel oil spills, and dirty floors; scattered items in Genset’s ...  Read More

Research Paper Transportation
On solving capacitated transportation problem

kolsoom Ahmadi

Volume 5, Issue 2 , September 2018, Pages 131-145

  We present a modification of three existing methods for finding a basic feasible solution for capacitated transportation problem‎. ‎To obtain an optimal solution, ‎the simplex algorithm for bounded variables is applied‎. ‎Special properties of transportation problem help us to operate ...  Read More

Research Paper Forecasting, production planning, and control
Forecasting methods for domestic air passenger demand in Nigeria

Adeniran Adetayo Olaniyi; Kanyio Olufunto Adedotun; Owoeye Adelanke Samuel

Volume 5, Issue 2 , September 2018, Pages 146-155

  Two years single moving average and simple exponential smoothing with smoothing constant of 0.9 were applied to forecast the 2018 demand for domestic air passenger in Nigeria. Also, the two methods of forecasting were evaluated and compared with Mean Squared Deviations (MSD) to determine which method ...  Read More

Research Paper Engineering Optimization
Design and analysis of computer experiments using polynomial regression and Latin hypercube sampling in optimal design of PID controller

Amir Parnianifard; Siti Azfanizam Ahmad; Mohd Khairol Anuar Ariffin; Mohd Idris Shah Ismail

Volume 5, Issue 2 , September 2018, Pages 156-168

  Computational complexity and time-consuming iteration of simulation for tuning of Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) controller is a common drawback in many types of existing methods. This paper aims to propose a new method for achieving an optimal design for PID gains parameters with the least number ...  Read More

Research Paper
Experimental and CFD analysis for the solar heat pump by using phase change material

Saadoon Fahad Dakhil; Kifaya Oudah

Volume 5, Issue 2 , September 2018, Pages 169-180

  The hot climate in Basra city requires many research to find a solution to reduce heat. Usually, the thermal pump needs an external energy to ensure its continued operation. The objective of the study is the possibility of building a heat pump using renewable energy. The present work addresses a renewable ...  Read More