Prioritization of Sustainable Production Indicators Using Fuzzy Inference System


Department of Industrial Engineering, Najafabad Branch, Islamic Azad University, Isfahan, Iran


Sustainable production is using non-polluting processes and systems by considering energy conservation and natural resources, which is sustainable in terms of economic, safety and health for employees, society and consumers. In general sustainable production refers to valuable social production for all working people. There are different perspectives on sustainable production indicators. However, some recent researches offered indicators for measuring sustainable production. Increasing the number of indicators causes managers’ confusion in using them.  This paper offers a fuzzy inference system for indicators ranking in organizations. In this study, general prioritizations regardless of the type of manufacturing industry were considered and effort was focused on showing the relative degree of indicators for managers. So that it offers good understanding about importance of each indicator with regard to others for assessmenting the past, present and future of organizations. The results of the present study shows that beside economy, specialists have great attention on the environmental issues which is important and necessary for manufacturing in protecting natural resources and environments.