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Journal of Applied Research on Industrial Engineering is an international scholarly open access, peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary and fully refereed journal.The mission of this journal is to provide a forum for industrial engineering educators, researchers, and practitioners to advance the practice and understanding of applied and theoretical aspects of industrial engineering and related areas.

ISSN : 2538 - 5100

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Current Issue: Volume 6, Issue 4, Autumn 2019, Pages 268-395 

2. Modelling and Analysis of 2-Stage Planetary Gear Train for Modular Horizontal Wind Turbine Application

Pages 268-282

Aniekan Essienubong Ikpe; Ekom Mike Etuk; Azum Uwarisi Adoh

5. Development of a forecasting model for investment in Tehran stock exchange based on seasonal coefficient

Pages 315-357

Reza Darvishinia; Hossein Ebrahimzadeh Shermeh; Samira Barzkar

7. Forecasting as a Framework for Reducing Food Waste in Ethiopian University Canteens

Pages 367-375

Abdella Yimam Ali; Jemal Mohammed Hassen; Gebrekidan Getahun Wendim

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